Prom Brand Ambassador 2023 Ambassador

Being a Brand Ambassador

We are looking for Junior and Senior High School girls who are interested in fashion marketing, modeling, content creating, and helping to promote the All The Rage brand. 


  • Enthusiastic, positive, creative, hardworking
  • Flexible schedule during Prom Season (December-April)
  • Come dressed professional and prepared with make-up done and hair polished


Participation Requirements:

  • Must fill out application and complete interview
  • Must feel comfortable on all social media platforms
  • Your personal Instagram page must be PUBLIC and following @alltheragestores
  • Come into All the Rage once a month to film a ‘takeover’ and shoot social media content
  • Participate in at least two prom photoshoots
  • Must share or repost at least once a month to your Instagram Feed and tag @alltheragestores
  • Must post behind the scenes photos or videos on Instagram Stories during your scheduled time and tag @alltheragestores.



  • $250 towards prom dress purchase 
  • Ambassadors will get modeling training, exposure to national brands/agencies, and build portfolio
  • Ambassadors receive access to digital photo files
  • Future potential modeling opportunities
  • Ambassadors help inspire other young teens to look and feel their best in all aspects of life