Faviana's 8 Best Lace Prom Dresses

Faviana's 8 Best Lace Prom Dresses

Faviana's 8 Best Lace Prom Dresses. Mobile Image

Apr 18, 2018

Be prepared for the trend you're going to see everywhere: lace! From lace prom dresses to lace homecoming dresses, it fits perfectly into the spring vibe and upcoming seasons. Lucky for you, you can find these an array of styles, colors, and sizes. Before you choose your gown, make sure to look at these lace prom dresses for inspiration! Written by Faviana on Glam Gowns Blog.


Two Piece Lace Prom Dress


Faviana Style 10042 The two piece dress will always be a fan favorite, so try to find one garnished with lace. Faviana Style 10042 is a fairytale-like one with a lace top. The beaded bodice features a scalloped edge, paired perfectly with an a-line skirt. Add some bangles for extra shine!



Faviana Style S10044 If you want some lace in your skirt as well, then go with a dress like Faviana Style S10044. The two piece halter dress features a lace skirt and lace overlay top, giving off a bohemian vibe. With a lace up back and mermaid skirt, youll be sure to look captivating!


Cold Shoulder Lace Prom Dresses


Faviana Style 10006 Lets not forget about another popular trend: the cold shoulder. Faviana Style 10006 is fun and flirty, showing the perfect amount of skin on your shoulders and back. A pleated skirt allows the dress to be flowy, and to be perfect for anyone. Match this with pearl earrings!



Faviana Style 10045 Its a two piece, it has a lace bodice, and its a cold shoulder dress all in one! Faviana Style 10045 displays all our favorite trends, which makes it perfect to choose for a lace prom dress. Not to mention, it comes in an array of colors to fit your tastes!


Long Sleeve Lace Prom Dresses


Faviana Style S10101 Statement sleeves are a huge hit this year, and theres no better way to rock them than with lace sleeves. Go with a long sleeve lace prom dress such as Faviana Style S10101 that features beaded bell sleeves. Youll be sure to turn heads all night!



Faviana Style S10007 Another option is a gown with color and lace applique details, like Faviana Style S10007. These lace sleeves are more skin-tight with a pattern, guaranteed to make you look both classy and sophisticated. Accessorize with a pair of subtle earrings to complete the look.


Lace Bodice Prom Dresses


Faviana Style S10091 Whether you're dedicated to a specific style or trend or not, you cant go wrong with a prom dress with a lace bodice. Take a jersey dress like Faviana Style S10091 as a prime example. This dazzling gown features lace appliques on the top and cutouts in the back.



Faviana Style 10103 If you love the off-the-shoulder trend, then youll love Faviana Style 10103. Both captivating and timeless, this taffeta dress features a lace bodice and a mermaid skirt. With the addition of simple jewelry, youll be sure to look stunning at prom! Mosts of these are available online to order! Click on the photo and it will take you to where you can order the dress! xoxo